Rug Maintenance And Protection

Rug Maintenance And Protection

4 December, 2017

The following are tips to enlighten you on how to efficiently care for your rugs. And if you own an Oriental rug, then you should know that they are durable and long-lasting. They can stay intact for generations as long as they are properly managed and protected. Pay close attention to the basics and watch your rugs last for generations.

General Maintenance:

  • Inspection: It is crucial that you regularly inspect your rugs. Firstly, check for moths and larvae, they can be identified by their casings that look like a grain of rice. Moths and Larvae are more common in dark-hidden areas, such as under the bed. Larvae can cause serious damage by feeding on the wool. Subsequently, also examine the edges that join the affected parts of your rug. It’s easy to fix a rug if you catch the larvae early.
  • Rotation: It is also significant that you remember to rotate your rug regularly to avoid walking in the same area over and over again. Repeatedly walking on the same spots on your carpet causes wear and tear patterns to develop. A rotation will also prevent significant disparities on the carpet, for example, the part of the rug exposed to the sun will be more faded than the unexposed part.
  • Vacuum: Both the bonded rugs and kilims should be cleaned every now and then. However, we recommend you not to use a vacuum brush as it is meant to target hard surfaces such as wood floors. In case you have a good beater-bar vacuum, you can use it, but with caution. Make sure you’re careful and don’t cause serious damage to the edges and rug strips. For kilims, a fast sweep using your kitchen broom can do the magic, but make sure the kilim is firmly anchored with a suitable rug mat.
  • Avoid Sunshine: First, let’s make it clear that there is no such thing as a sunburn-resistant rug. Most rugs (if not all) are made with plant dyed wool that is naturally or chemically dyed and it will start fading when exposed to too much sunlight. If possible, avoid sunlight on the carpet at all cost; you can use curtains or sun-blinds’ on windows to prevent sunrays. If exposure to the sun is necessary, then rotation becomes more crucial. The key to an elegant look in your house is making sure that the rug color is even.
  • Cushioning: Unexpectedly, the most crucial part of your mat that needs maximum protection from wear and tear is not the peak but the bottom. The bottom part, that hermetically accumulates waves of dirt, is placed on a flat surface. Particles of dust and dirt can lead to stress, that will eventually cause the weaves to wear and tear, and it will ultimately tear the rug apart. The simple way to protect your rug from this problem is by placing a good rug pad beneath your rug. Make sure your carpet is in place, that is important from an aesthetic point of view.

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